Our Fleet

Our Fleet

We have different types of fleet specific to your needs. No one Truck and Trailer can do all the jobs and we fully understand this. So catering to different needs of our clients we have Tri Axle, End Dump and Live Bottom in our fleet.


Tri-axles are the workhorses of most jobsites. They have decent payload coupled with maneuverability and we often use them for home deliveries or tight jobsites. Tri-pups are used mainly for the longer haul as they have the best payload. They are limited on job sites however due to the room requirements needed in order to dump. We have them mainly for customer versatility, often we will load one type of product in the lead and another in the pup.

End Dump

End dump trucks unload their payload by raising the front end and letting the payload slide down the bottom of the bed and out the back through the tailgate (Figure 1, 2 and Video 1). End dump trucks are the most popular transport vehicle type because they are plentiful, maneuverable and versatile.

Live Bottom

A live bottom trailer is a semi-trailer used for hauling loose material such as asphalt, grain, potatoes, sand and gravel. A live bottom trailer is the alternative to a dump truck or an end dump trailer. The typical live bottom trailer has a conveyor belt on the bottom of the trailer tub that pushes the material out of the back of the trailer at a controlled pace. Unlike the conventional dump truck, the tub does not have to be raised to deposit the materials. Because they carry a greater tonnage than tri-axles and have less time hooking and unhooking from the paver you save valuable crew time as well. They are also good for shouldering road jobs.

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